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September 2019 – Vol. 102, no. 3

Kapa-kapa (Medinilla magnifica Lindl.) is a commonly cultivated flowering plant known for its magnificent cluster of flowers with large pink bracts. In the wild, this plant grows with its roots attached to other plants, but in gardens, it is usually grown with its roots anchored to the soil. Although this species is naturally endemic to the Philippine archipelago, it is now also grown in some temperate countries. The bioherbicidal activity of kapa-kapa was studied for the first time. The acid-hydrolyzed extract of M. magnifica showed significant herbicidal activity. With a relatively low LD50 value of 64.69 ppm, it has great potential for commercial use for agriculture. This can be attributed to the fairly high amount of phenolic compounds in the extract.

(Photographs courtesy of Antonio L. Rayos, Jr., Plant Biology Division, Institute of Biological Sciences, University of the Philippines Los Baños, College, Laguna, Philippines)

List of Articles

‘Kasalath’ Allele in Nipponbare Background is Responsible for the Plasticity in Lateral Root Development of Rice Under Soil Moisture Fluctuation Stress
Jonathan M. Niones, Roel R. Suralta, Yoshiaki Inukai, Mana Kano-Nakata and Akira Yamauchi 

Soil Compaction Enhanced the Expression of Root Plasticity, Water and Nitrogen Uptake of Rice Under Mild Drought with High N Fertilization
Thiem Thi Tran, Roel R. Suralta, Moe Takeda, Shiro Mitsuya, Mana Kano-Nakata and Akira Yamauchi 

Population Structure of the Banana Black Sigatoka Pathogen [Pseudocercospora fijiensis (M. Morelet) Deighton] in Luzon, Philippines
Mary Joy C. Mendoza and Edna Y. Ardales

Received: 16 November 2017/ Revised: 07 June 2019/ Accepted: 22 July 2019

Yeast Community Profiling of Fermenting Nipa (Nypa fruticans) Sap in Two Philippine Locations and Fermentation Characteristics of Selected Yeasts
James Paul T. Madigal, Jessica F. Simbahan, Nacita B. Lantican, Shirley Agrupis and Francisco B. Elegado 

Effects of Different Species from Trichoderma sp. on Inducing Systemic Resistance in Tomato Plants Infected by Cucumber Mosaic Virus
Abdullah A. AL-Jaddawi, Essam K. F. Elbeshehy and Ehab H. M. Mattar 

The Response of Tobacco to Impact of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Inoculation and Application of Some Micro and Macro Nutrients
Payman Yari, Babak Pasari and Salar Shaaf

Documented Pupal Eye Color of the West Indian Fruit Fly, Anastrepha obliqua (Maquart) as a Tool for Radiation Sterilization
Sotero S. Resilva, Emilio Hernandez and Glenda B. Obra

Postharvest Behavior of Biriba [Rollinia mucosa (Jacq.) Baill.] Fruits at Different Storage Temperatures
Helen A. Barrios and Elda B. Esguerra 

Bulk Peanut Shell Behavior Under Static Loads and the Associated Physico-Mechanical Properties
Selcuk Ugurluay and Ibrahim Deniz Akcali 

Research Note

Bioherbicidal Activity of Medinilla magnifica Lindl. Leaf Extract
Jose Carmelo P. Tinio, Antonio L. Rayos Jr., Mae Joanne B. Aguila and Kevin C. Salamanez

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