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Information for Contributors

Contributors are welcome to submit a technical paper for publication in any issue of this journal on a subject of their expertise and experience in research and development in the broad field of agriculture.

The manuscript should be double-space in 12-point type, preferably in Times New Roman font, including text, quotations, table titles, captions, and footnotes. The manuscript should consist of the Title Page, Abstract, Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results and Discussion, References Cited, List of Tables and Figures, Tables and Figures (details below).

Margins should be at least 4.0 cm from the left and 2.5 cm from the top, bottom and right-hand sides of each page. Each page must also have consecutive line numbers on the left-hand margin. The customary paragraph indentation is 5 spaces. Submit the complete e-copies of the manuscript to the Editor-in-Chief, together with a certification from a language editor that the manuscript has been edited. Submit the manuscript to

Articles must be the results of recently conducted research. They must neither be previously nor simultaneously submitted in any journal nor published elsewhere except in a preliminary form. The article should state when and where the study was conducted. Each article should not be more than 30 pages, including tables and figures. Longer articles may be published at the author’s expense. Articles must contribute significantly to the advancement of knowledge or toward better understanding of scientific concepts in tropical agriculture and related fields.

A 2- to 4-page paper with an abstract and a maximum of 3 tables and/or figures and 10 references can be submitted as a research note to report on new disease or insect infestations, potential of a technology or crop, introduction or propagation of a crop or animal breed, routine test such as fertilizer, technology, feed, variety, hybrids or cropping schemes. Papers on novel and important findings warranting immediate publication, but which can not be justified as full-length articles, can be published as research notes.

Review papers should be critical analysis and integration of recent advances in an important area of research which can stimulate further research, provide a new approach or new knowledge. Authors of these papers should have published at least 3 articles on the subject in a refereed journal or should be recognized authorities in the field covered by the review.

Articles on germplasm and new cultivars or breeds should have an endorsement from the institution of any of the authors. The articles should have certifications that the authors of the article and the authors whose names have been included in scientific names are the acknowledged discoverers of species and/or the acknowledged developers of breeds, cultivars or hybrids.

Documents should preferably be in Word format.

Page proofs are given to authors after the manuscripts have been camera-ready prepared. The editors take no responsibility for inaccuracy on the part of the author(s). Except for printer and editorial errors, all substantial changes in proofs will be charged to the authors. If the files are larger than 2 MB, they may be sent in google drive or the editor-in-chief may be consulted for other efficient means of file transmission.