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Use SI units in accordance with the recommendations of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) specified in the British Standards Institution, London publication Specification for SI Units and Recommendations for the Use of Their Multiples and of Certain Other Units, BS 5555: 1993 ISO 1000:1992. The author may choose to add corresponding non-metric units in parentheses.

Use exponents rather than a slash (/) or dot (.) in reporting units of measure, for example, g d-1, mg kg-1 h-1, instead of g/ day or, h-1. When units of measure are not involved, use words such as eggs per mass, suckers per plant, not eggs mass-1 or suckers/plant.

Spell out the number or reword the sentence so that the numeral does not appear at the start of the sentence. Use decimals instead of fractions in the text, tables and illustra- tions. Ordinal numbers are treated in the same way as cardi- nal numbers, for example, 2nd, 23rd, 157th. Percentages are written as numerals followed by the percent sign (%) with no space between them. To indicate range in values, use an en-dash (for example, 10- 15 kg).