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References Cited

It is the author’s responsibility to check that all references in the text appear at the end of the paper and vice versa, and that the names and dates are consistent.

Mimeographed publications and terminal and annual reports are not acceptable as reference citations. Authors can cite published data and manuscripts as unpublished data or personal communication but these will not be included in the References Cited.

Cite only published articles. References cited in the text use the style of the name-year system (example: Matthews 1982; Pantastico & Mendoza 1988; Lin et al. 2020). They are listed alphabetically at the end of the paper. Examples of entries in the Refer ences Cited section are as follows:

Journal Articles
MATTHEWS RE. 1982. Classification and nomenclature of viruses. Intervirology 17:1-199. WANG H, STADEN JV. 2001. Establishment of in vitro cultures of tree peonies. South Afric J Bot 57:358-361.

HAFEZ ES. 1993. Reproduction in Farm Animals. 6th ed. Philadelphia: Lea and Febiger. 733 p.

Portion of Book
SCHUBERT S. 1995. Proton release by roots. In: Singh BB, Mengel K, editors. Physiology and Biochemistry of Plants. New Delhi: Panama Publishing Corp. p. 97-119.

Theses and Dissertations
ILAGAN YA. 1996. Analysis of Genetic Variation in Strains of Pseudomonas solanacearum E.F. Smith. [PhD dissertation]. College, Laguna, Philippines: University of the Philippines Los Baños. 212 p. (Available at the UPLB Library)

Paper from a Proceedings
PANTASTICO EB, MENDOZA DB. 1988. Climatic constraints to rice production in the Philippines. In: Cardenas A, editor. Climate and Rice Production. Proceedings of a Symposium on the Agrometeorology of the Rice Crop at the 27th meeting of the World Meteorological Organization; 1987 April 8-14; Los Baños, Laguna, Philippines: International Rice Research Institute. p. 107-119.

Organization as Author
[AOAC] Association of Official Agricultural Chemists. 1975. Official Methods of Analysis, 12th ed. Washington, DC: Association of Official Agricultural Chemists, Inc. 1042 p.

Electronic References
To direct the reader to the entire website, not to a specific document in the site, it is enough to give the address of the website:

Citation for a web document follows a format similar to that for prints with additional information:
Retrieved January 11, 2001 (date of retrieval) from the World Wide Web:

If no publication date is available for a document, state n.d. (stands for “no date”) in its place.

For information retrieved from CD-ROM databases, use the same format as that of a print: Retrieved from [Source] database (name of database), CD-ROM (release date), (item no. – if applicable)

Example: Retrieved from Seed Abstracts (AGRICOLA), CD-ROM (5 May 1999)

For database accessed through the Web, the retrieval statement is: Retrieved (month, day, year), from (source) database (name of database), (item no. – if applicable), or the World Wide Web:

Example: Retrieved December 1999 from Biological Abstracts (AGRIS) or