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The journal follows the guidelines of Scientific Style and Format: The CSE Manual for Authors, Editors and Publishers (2006), 7th ed., Council of Science Editors and the Rockefeller University Press. For literature citations in the text and for the References Cited, the journal uses the style for the name-year system. For multiple authors cited in the text, the citation used is “(Mazahery et al. 2009)” instead of “(Mazahery and others 2009)”. Refer to separate section on References Cited for additional information.

State both the accepted common name and the chemical name of pesticides when first mentioned in the abstract or text. Similarly, state the Latin binomial or trinomial and authority at the first mention of the organism (plants, animals, and microorganisms) in the abstract or main text. Cultivars should be enclosed by ‘ ’ (single quotes). Verify nomenclature from a reliable source.