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Tables, Figures and Illustrations

Submit tables, figures and illustrations in separate files (16 cm or 8 cm wide).

Present tables (preferably in Excel format) to fit the working area for the text of the journal, 16 cm x 22.5 cm. Tables should conform to the journal’s page size (16 or 8 cm wide) and style. Use only up to 3 footnotes in the tables. As much as possible, place all necessary information in the heading. Introduce a table in the text before presenting it. Avoid using abbreviations in the tables. If they must be used in the tables, abbreviations should be spelled out in the legends or footnotes. Tables should be able to stand alone, i. e., the reader need not refer to the main body of the text to understand the contents of a table.

Photographs, Figures and illustrations should conform to the page size and style of the journal. Figures and Illustrations should be prepared as camera-ready copy. They should measure exactly 16 cm (1890 pixels) or 8 cm (945 pixels) wide. The height, however, can be varied to the maximum size of 22.5 cm, including label. Figures and Illustrations with text should have Arial as the font style and must be at least 8 points or bigger. Submitted graphs must have been generated preferably using the Excel program for uniformity. They must be given as JPEG picture files of at least 300 pixels per inch (PPI) in the disk submitted. Photographs, Figures and illustrations that do not meet this resolution requirement can have a poor printout.

Avoid extremely small type (use Arial, 8 points or bigger), fine-grained stippling or faint shading, as there will be loss of contrast and detail in printing.

Captions and legends should be printed at the bottom of each illustration. Microscopic illustrations should include magnification, preferably a bar denoting scale of measure, for example, bar = 10 mm. Photocopies of photographs and figure drawings will not be accepted.

Authors are requested to submit extra color photographs with appropriate captions that can be used as cover photographs.